Build started in 1973 as a 1974 Penske team chassis, but build suspended because of rule changes

Sold to Gerry Sutterfield in 1979 who built the chassis into a complete car


1989 (estimated)
Hans Thulin purchases the car as part of his desire to build a formidable collection of cars and art, and to be stored in his personal car museum, near Malmo in southern Sweden.

Other known cars purchased by Hans include :
1931 Bugatti Royale for $9.7M (October ’87), 1958 Maserati 450S Spyder for $1.86M (May’89), 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO for $10.8M (May’90), 1981 Ferrari 512BB/LM Berlinetta for $1.9M (1990)
…and art of ‘White Flag’ by Jasper Johns for $7M and then the following day purchased ‘Rebus’ by Robert Rauschenberg for $6.3M (both in 1988)

1991 Hans Thulin’s empire collapses and he is bankrupted – it appears he borrowed many times against the same security, and ultimately this resulted in not only Thulins bankruptcy but that of Optima Bank (his lending bank) as well.

The car was sold to the Meitec Corporation in Japan, who also purchase the Bugatti Royale (as seen in this article from The Telegraph)

In 2005 the car was sold to an annoymous private owner.

September – John Collins of Talacrest purchases the car from previous private owner.
October – Car sold to currently unknown buyer, but is expected to be raced / seen at events around the world soon !

Photos of the car back out in public again, shared with permission from Talacrest


Watch John Collins talk about the sale of this car in the video below :

On the 5th February 2014 RM Auctions sold the car at auction – it had an estimated price of €2.1M to €2.9M and has now been painted in the classic Sunoco colour scheme. It seems sad that having made it out of “hiding” thanks to John Collins it looks like the owner has just purchased this as an investment and re-painted it to increase its value. Where were these events we were promised it would attend ? Here’s hoping for the new owner



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